Ch.14 1st Impression Post: Mental Illness

This video really opened my eyes to Schizophrenia. I was never very sure what exactly what Schizophrenia was. I always pictured the voices in the victim’s heads be more like whispers and sound like the victim’s actual voice. I never really thought of the voices being loud, emotional tones, or convincing enough to the point where the victim let the voices control their behavior. I thought the voices for the victims were more annoying than convincing and the victim would surrender to the voices’ demands so they would stop speaking.

I didn’t think the hallucinations were so subtle to the point where they were realistic like when the pizza box said “poizon” instead of pizza. I thought video portrayed the voices of the victim to be parents or significant role models of the victim.

I always thought of traditional superhero villains when I thought of Schizophrenia. The Joker from Batman movies and cartoons comes to mind first. Then a video game character from Call of Duty, Alex Mason, also strikes my memory.

I always thought the Joker had schizophrenia because of his complex and dark personality. He always had schemes where’d he plan them to where they were organized, dark, and dramatic. I think one of the main pieces of the Joker’s persona which made me think he was Schizophrenic was his scary clown theme. Another reason why I thought he was Schizophrenic was because when he had the opportunity to kill Batman, he wouldn’t do it. The movies made this very apparent to the point where there wasn’t a doubt Batman survived just so they could keep making movies. I think the Joker like committing crimes and causing tyranny but he wouldn’t enjoy it as much if Batman was dead. It looked like the Joker enjoyed causing chaos like a sport and he enjoyed the challenging competition which Batman provided. The Joker’s thinking process was so unnatural which is why I believe he is a pop culture symbol for Schizophrenia.

The video wouldn’t any help to categorizing the Joker as a Schizophrenic. However, the list of symptoms defines the Joker as a victim of Schizophrenia. We know from the The Dark Knight, the Joker’s father suffered from it because his solution to making a sad young son happy was to carve the his face so the marks resembled a permanent smile. This means Schizophrenia was in the Joker’s genes. Then the dark thoughts and agitated body movement the Joker had in the movies confirmed he was a Schizophrenic.

The second portrayal of Schizophrenia I know comes from a video game character. Alex Mason from the Call of Duty had a different way the Schizophrenia manifested itself. He was on a mission to kill Castro but only ended assassinating Castro’s body double. He was captured by the Russians. One of the Russian generals brainwashed him. The general implanted numbers into Mason’s head. The Russians planned to Mason release back to the United States. When Mason got back to the US, he would use the numbers he was brainwashed with to activate Russian sleeper agents. The sleeper agents would then release a toxic and deadly gas called Nova 6. Even after the Russians’ plans were stopped, Mason continued to see and hear the numbers. They would still instruct him to do certain things.

Due to the voices in Mason’s head instructing to conduct certain actions and the hallucinations of numbers is why Alex Mason another pop culture symbol of Schizophrenia. Mason fits the video’s description of Schizophrenia very well because both characters had voices in their heads and hallucinations.

This assignment was definitely an eye opener to what Schizophrenia really is. I had no idea hallucinations could be so subtle before watching the video. I feel like I’ll have an easier time putting myself in Schizophrenic’s shoes if a situation occurs where I have to interact with a victim after completing this assignment.

One thought on “Ch.14 1st Impression Post: Mental Illness

  1. I definitely agree with what you said about what you thought schizophrenia was before watching this video, because I thought the exact same thing! This was an odd video because I was not expecting people who suffer from schizophrenia to actually experience side effects and symptoms like they do. I had originally thought the same thing as you. Before watching this video I had a totally different idea of what this mental illness was because of the way that it has always been portrayed in the media.
    I definitely agree that this video opened my eyes to schizophrenia as well because before watching it, I clearly had the wrong idea as to what people who suffered from this mental illness actually went through. I enjoyed reading your post because I had many of the same thoughts as you before I had watched this video. The way that you described it made total sense to me, great post!


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