Ch.13 First Impression Post

The first test was a Myers-Briggs test. I was a ISTP personality before I took this test again. The last time I took a Myers-Briggs test was 2 years ago. This time I was an INTP. I think this is because after 2 more years of college, I learned to have a more a universal view and have more of a environmental awareness rather than thinking subjectively.

The second test was another Myers-Briggs test. It only had 2 options for each question. The 2 options bothered me because I would be between the 2. For example, when I make decisions, I don’t either act impulsively or rely on past experiences. I feel I use both equally.

For the 3rd test, I was labeled barely an extrovert. In the other tests I was barely an introvert. I think it depends on how the questions are asked and the answers to choose from. For the second part, I was labeled as extremely emotionally stable. I could agree with it. I wasn’t always like that until a year ago. For part 3, I was labeled agreeable and friendly.For factor 4, I was seen as Conscientious so I am careful and diligent. For factor 5, I was labeled Intellect/Imagination so I’m open to experience. I agree with this test.

Then I took the Color test. To be honest, I thought this was ridiculous but it actually had me dead on. I was very shocked when I received my results. I don’t know why it was correct but I’m definitely curious about what everybody else’s reactions about this test will be.

I feel like all the tests were helpful in some way. I feel like as long as you answer them truthfully, you can learn a a lot about yourself or get reassurance on who you see yourself as.

3 thoughts on “Ch.13 First Impression Post

  1. I totally agree with your reaction to the different test, especially the color test because I was not expecting it to be so accurate. Some of my tests, I felt as though were not very accurate and didn’t actually describe me in anyway at all, so I thought the accuracy was off, but I see that you got some of the same results as me when it comes to the answers varying for each test. I thought that the color test was by far the most interesting because it gave me the exact answer I was looking for and described me perfectly. I feel as though these tests were helpful, but can also be harmful because there could be people that take these tests and not get the results that they want, so they could end up changing themselves, so that they can get the results that they want. i enjoyed reading your post and I am glad that I was not the only one that got different results from some of the tests, great post!


  2. Much like you, I had taken the Myers-Briggs prior to taking these four tests. I had also noticed that my results had changed slightly from the last time that I had taken this test, which did not come as much of a surprise. I also found that some of the results that I had received from the other tests could be a bit contradictory, however I believe this is due to the different nature of the tests and the unique questions or layouts that these tests adopted. I must say that I was also somewhat alarmed from how accurate some of the color test was. I found it somewhat hard to believe that such a simple test gave quite a few descriptions that were basically spot on. I am also curious if everyone had the same experience with the color test. Thank you for sharing your results, and wonderful post!


  3. I think the four tests we were told to take were interesting because some of the provided fairly close descriptions while other provided something that I did not think was even close. For the color test, I do not personally believe that it accurately described me, but maybe I was using a different part of my brain. I think the objective of the color test was to use your unconscious mind to instinctively make decisions about the colors, while the other tests had too many questions for you to just make an answer and stick with it. I think the first three personality tests took more into account the conscious mind and the ego, making rational and logical decisions. I think that the first three tests were more objective tests, while the last test was a subjective test.


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