Ch9: Experiences With Educators

I went to private school since preschool so maybe I could a different opinion on interactions with educators. The classes were always small so the teacher always knew your name. I never had a elementary school or middle class with over 20 students.

I always noticed the teachers who were always best in terms of having a well behaved class and a decent learning experience were always the ones who knew they had to earn your respect and showed empathy. The teachers who were down to earth and didn’t act like dictators always had the best results. They didn’t have a ton of homework or busy work just to show their superior they had a ton of stuff in their lesson plan.

These teachers had tests which seemed easier. I feel like they would take the pressure off you for tests because they had you prepared for tests. When the pressure is off, I feel like the material is easier to learn because you either want to learn it or its just easy to pick up the concepts because the teacher took into account for more learning styles. When they used powerpoint and had entertaining videos, it was always easier to learn.

My best way of learning is when I can do activities with my hands. I like being able to take something apart and put it back together to see how everything works. I think I learn best this way because every male on my father’s side was the same way. We are all mechanics.

Visual learning was my second best way of learning so videos always helped me best. I could sit through six months of lectures and not learn anything but I could watch a History Channel or Discovery Channel marathon on a subject and be an expert in it.

The worst teachers were the ones who acted like your boss. They always seemed structured and always taught one way. They were usually older and didn’t care. They just needed to show up so they get their pension. The worst teacher I ever had was probably taking algebra with my principle as the teacher. She did whatever she wanted because she was untouchable. She always had a lot of homework and it seemed so overwhelming to the point where I wouldn’t want to do it because it was more than enough work.

If I were to recommend to changes to the school system, I would make restrictions where nobody can teach for over 20 years unless you have an excellent rating with students and peers. However when your finished teaching for 20 years, you get a pension with 33.3% student loans paid off by the state government.

2 thoughts on “Ch9: Experiences With Educators

  1. Since I attended a large, public school from kindergarten to senior year, I was interested in hearing your experience. It is amazing that your school had no more than twenty students per class. My high school has about 30 to 35 students per class. Because of this, you get little interaction with the teacher. I had the opportunity to have two classes with around twenty students. This environment allowed me to thrive because it was easier to ask questions, have a relationship with the teacher, and get individualized attention. A main reason why I chose Elizabethtown is because the class sizes are small. I can collaborate with my peers and interact with my professor, not just be one student of 1,000 in a lecture hall.

    I found your proposal interesting. I have found that older teachers are less enthusiastic as their younger counterparts. They may be bored of the curriculum, or are just burnt out from the stress of being an educator. It is important that the pension is implemented so teachers have extra motivation to do their job well.


  2. This is a very interesting post. Although I have attended public school throughout grade school and whilst I attended high school, I relate to the fairly small class sizes that you had whilst you were attending school. I went to a fairly small school for the area, as there were about 200-300 students within each of the classes and the classes usually held a maximum of about 20 students at a time. Personally, I thought this was fairly ideal because the class sizes were small enough for the teachers to interact with the students one on one, but was a little too big to put too much pressure on certain students. I agree with the points that you made about the teachers who tend to be a bit more lax with their teaching styles and their testing. I feel that most students in high school respond very well to teachers who do not push the material on the students too hard and prepare them to the best of their abilities.
    I believe that your proposal is very interesting, although I think it may be necessary to retain some of the older staff who may not be considered the most friendly by the students for several different reasons, the first being that they are able to help acclimate the newer teachers into the school. The second being, they may not be considered the most warm or friendly but they tend to have the most profound knowledge of the material that they are teaching. The last reason being that some of the strictest teachers can have the largest effects on student’s careers whether it be in their academic careers or even further down the line. Lastly, I would be very interested to see how these different teaching styles affect students abilities to learn the material that they are presented. Are students more likely to respond positively to a stern teaching style or a laid back one?
    Thank you for sharing your experience, this was a very stimulating post!


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