Emotional Intelligence Quiz

I took the Greater Good Intelligence Quiz. I got an 18/20 on the quiz. The test had 20 pictures of people making different facial expressions. I had to choose which emotion these people were expressing.

The 2 emotions I had problems with were anger and pain. I think I mixed them both up because most of the time, I feel like people are angry because they got hurt physically like if they stubbed their toe or hit their head off the kitchen counter. Both facial expressions looked similar because both emotions have similar micro-expressions occurring at the same time. Every other emotion was very easy to answer.

The test isn’t very credible. I feel like every interpretation of someone’s emotions requires more situational awareness. There were no audio cues so you couldn’t tell the tone of the person’s voice. You couldn’t see what their hands or body were doing except for the embarrassment emotion.

I already use this information in daily life. This might have been useful 15 years ago. I have 2 Tiger Parents so I need to know exactly how their feeling so I know when or if I can engage them about something. I can tell how their feeling by the sound of them opening a door or how they go up stairs.

I see emotional intelligence being more important than normal IQ. You can be the smartest person in the room, but if you don’t know how to properly communicate with people or express your emotions properly, then how successful could you ever be?

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